As researched by the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), during hot temperatures the body releases excess heat by the process of sweating and circulating blood to the skin in order to maintain a stable internal body temperature. However, if the body is unable to eradicate the excess heat, the heat is then stored, raising the core temperature of the body, which increases the heart rate. Additionally, the excess heat storage makes the person loose concentration, slackens their desire to hydrate themselves and makes them irritable, thus reducing the efficiency and productivity of their ongoing task. Also, excessive heat causes fainting, heat stroke, heat exhaustion, heat syncope, heat cramps, heat rash and even death if the body fails to cool down.

Prevention of such adverse heat effects on the body is more vital now than ever. With average rise in global temperatures every year due to global warming, more people are being affected due to extreme heat conditions now than ever before. Especially, in a country such as India, such heat exposures are often over-looked by the general public due to lack of awareness.

Looking at people constantly exposed to the heat stress of Indian summer, a recurring thought pushed us to find a solution.  Since, we hold the necessary technology, expertise and knowledge essential for making any kind of fabric, we ventured into manufacturing “Performance Apparels”. With months of field-testing and experiments, our products have gained positive responses among our initial target audience. Our apparels were able to keep oppressive summer heat at bay, thus reducing fatigue and increasing productivity.

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