Perform a shade better (Athletes)

Hyzesst Apparels have been designed to help sportspersons go beyond their limits. The products are particularly tailored to spur athletes’ performance, thereby, helping them to deliver with a competitive edge. Regardless what sport one plays, Hyzesst cooling apparels are bound to help to put up a peak performance, every time!

The concept behind elevated performance is Hyzesst cooling apparels reduce the oppressive heat stress by cooling the body & reducing dehydration. Less stress means more concentration & efficiency.

A protective shield for workers. (Industry personnel)

People working in extreme heat conditions such as working in factories, kilns, furnaces, boilers and roads to name a few; face the risk of oppressive heat, tremendous stress and unnecessary fatigue. The spike in the body temperature along with the oppressive exterior heat conditions triggers heat stress and heat strokes.

Heat stress levels bring down productivity and adversely affect the health of workers. Hyzesst makes a complete turnaround in this scenario; our products cool the body and help workers overcome heat fatigue and body stress associated with excessive heat.

Ride fast. Fly high. (Motor Cyclists)

Traversing the roads during the peak summers is highly stressful. If your passion lies in motorcycling, or dirt-bike racing or go-karting, then you might want to give it up during peak summers. But not anymore. Hyzesst apparels along with its various accessories can help you overcome summer’s oppressive heat effortlessly. The cooling effects of these products, lasts as long as 3-5 hours per soaking, will easily help you breeze through the day.  Don’t ride, simply fly!

Fight with your shield on.  (Military Personnel)

Military operations undertaken in hot summer heat or in the desert are quite cumbersome. Whether it’s exercising, patrolling, convoy duty, building a bridge, rescuing operations, counter terrorism or any other, the military personnel need to be more concerned about the operation than the excessive heat. To alleviate such heat issues, Hyzesst has developed and manufactured a wide range of vests and accessories for the soldiers to effectively counter heat, stress and fatigue. Our apparels help increase the soldier’s concentration, and helps in performing his/her duty efficiently.

Protect your best mates from heat (Dogs and Horses)

Why should the luxury of cooling apparels be restricted to just Humans and not your loved pets? At Hyzesst, we believe in helping our best mates (pets) as well. Everyday animals across the globe face severe heat stress and fatigue, which can be the source of fatal heat strokes associated with them.

As Dogs don’t have sweat glands (except a few present in their paws), they are prone to severe heat stress and fatigue. With no medical attention given, many dogs often suffer from heat stroke, which can be fatal. Heat stress occurs when a Dog loses its natural ability to cool itself, therefore causing an imbalance in their body temperature. Hyzesst provides cooling apparels, which help Dogs maintain their normal temperature, at the same time covering their key organs which are affected by heat.

We provide our path-breaking technology for Horses as well, helping them stay cool and healthy. For more information on our products for Dogs and Horses, contact us for further details.

Perfect household

Food is an intimate experience. Good food creates memories, forges friendships, and makes the heart grow fonder, and makes for good dinner table conversations. Often the person cooking starts working in the kitchen from morning breakfast meal, to boiling lunch and tiresome dinner.

Beat the kitchen heat with Hyzesst Apparels and reduce the fatigue in the kitchen. Cook all the meals with a cool head full of energy and love for your family and yourself.

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