The body’s skin temperature is maintained by the sweat produced, it evaporates and generates the cooling effect and this entire natural cooling process uses almost 75% of our energy. Unfortunately, the human body system is only limited.

Hyzesst works from an amazing effective process that works in harmony with the body’s natural cooling system. Hyzesst has developed a unique multilayered three-dimensional fabric – the HZ3 fabric; it combines the laws of Physics and Chemistry. It absorbs and binds water multiple of its own weight in just 1-2 min. The absorbed water is released through the process of slow evaporation in high temperature environments, cooling the body surface NATURALLY by 6-120 C. The apparels are designed to keep you cool and dry at the same time.

This comforting process safely lowers internal (core) body temperature to a maintained level that reduces the heat stress on the heart, leading to increased stamina and energy, while increasing the users comfort level – even on the hottest of days and on the most extreme jobs. By wearing Hyzesst products, the user can maintain a normal (cooler) skin temperature without the body going through tremendous physical efforts to retain the normal body temperature. This mechanically helps in boosting the users’ overall performance, efficiency and productivity even in hot environments.

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