• HZ Cap
  • HZ Cap
  • HZ Cap
  • HZ Cap
  • HZ Cap
  • HZ Cap
  • HZ Cap
  • HZ Cap
  • HZ Cap


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  • Cap panels are integrated with HZ3 fabric for a comfortable cooling
  • The mesh design ensures comfortable ventilation and breathability
  • 6 panel cap with a visor (hard shield) to block sunlight from the eyes.
  • Velcro at back for size adjustment
  • Has a cooling effect that lasts for 3-5 hours per activation
  • The cap’s lining is water repellent keeping the wearer dry
  • Cooling relief is 6-120 Celsius
  • Easy to carry anywhere in reusable waterproof cover provided
  • Unisex
  • Size : free size
  • Colors: Blue, Khaki and Neon Green

Note: - If Humidity level in the surrounding environment is high the apparels will be less effective ( less water evaporation) unless there is a strong airflow.


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