Who are we ?

Afternoon. It’s the one time during the day when mothers yell out to their children calling them back inside the house. When motorcyclists feel the brunt of the journey they embark on. When the security forces such as the traffic police, daunt their jobs. Thinking of it, why should just an increase in heat act as an obstacle in them carrying out their day as planned?

At Hyzesst, we believe in that fact that an individual should be able to perform, whilst being comfortable at all times, where fatigue due to heat shouldn’t be an obstacle. Whether it is being on the road or working near hot furnaces and boilers, we believe in empowering your performance by making you comfortable under the sun. As our name says it out, our mantra is to bring out the zest in you.

Hyzesst introduces cooling apparels, which boost a revolutionary technology that enhances performance and advances productivity. Apart from bringing these products within an Indian’s reach, Hyzesst has strong plans on the anvil to tie-up with globally renowned brands to market these one-of-their-kind performance apparels.

At present, we offer a variety of evaporative cooling apparels comprising vests, reflective vests, skullcaps, beanies, hard hat inserts, headpieces and pet products. The products are cost-effective, low-maintenance and hugely successful in keeping users cool and comfortable while assisting them to beat the oppressive summer heat stress.

The suppliers and strategic partners are all geared to make Hyzesst products available to a variety of users this summer. So gear up to beat the heat, in style!

About our company

Suryavanshi Group aims to solve real issues, which increases peoples’ comfort and productivity through our innovative products, backed with superior technology.

The Suryavanshi Group is one of the leading conglomerates in India, with over five decades of experience in the textile sector. Catering to a rich and diverse national and global clientele with its vertically aligned textile business, the group has been constantly re-inventing itself to keep pace with the changing global business scenarios. As a result, Suryavanshi Group’s exports today span to over 25 countries around the globe, making it a formidable player in the field of textiles.

Having been in business for a significant period, it was only a matter of time for the company to diversify into another emerging apparel segment – ‘Performance Apparels’. Hyzesst Apparels, is focused on delivering innovative apparels that are more than just a style statement. Our apparels provide a brew of functionality and style, which is a rarity these days.

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