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Afternoon. It’s the one time during the day when motorcyclists feel the brunt of the journey they embark on. When the security forces such as the traffic police, daunt their jobs. Thinking of it, why should just an increase in heat act as an obstacle in them carrying out their day as planned?

We believe one should be able to perform at their optimal levels at all time, whether it is playing or working in the sun/heated environment, or just being on the road. Exterior factors such as heat shouldn’t be an obstacle to your success.

Developed with years of research, engineering, planning, design and execution, along with the state of the art technology, we introduce Hyzesst, a performance apparel brand aiming to keep you cool and energized at all times by using only water.  Wearing Hyzesst products could help one lower their body temperature by 6-12 degree Celsius than the ambient temperature, hence keeping one cooler during vigorous jobs or activities.

Protect your best mates from heat 


Why should the luxury of cooling apparels be restricted to just Humans and not your loved pets? At Hyzesst, we believe in helping our best mates (pets) as well. Everyday animals across the globe face severe heat stress and fatigue, which can be the source of fatal heat strokes associated with them.

Dogs & Cats

Dogs & Cats don’t have sweat glands (except a few present in their paws), they are prone to severe heat stress and fatigue. With no medical attention given, many dogs often suffer from heat stroke, which can be fatal. Heat stress occurs when a Dog/cat loses its natural ability to cool itself, therefore causing an imbalance in their body temperature. Hyzesst provides cooling apparels, which help Dogs/cats maintain their normal temperature, at the same time covering their key organs which are affected by heat.


We provide our path-breaking technology for Horses. With increasing temperatures the incidence of heat stress and fatigue increases for horses. With Hyzesst cooling apparels horses stay cool and comfortable as our technology cools and protects horses’ vital organs.

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